About Safety Seal

North Shore Laboratories Corporation, located in Peabody, MA, has been a leader in tire repair technology since 1964 when Alec W. Niconchuk, developed the first self-vulcanizing permanent on the wheel repair, Safety Seal®. To date, over One Billion Safety Seal® repairs have been sold worldwide. Safety Seal® is today the world's bestselling tire repair product.

All products developed by North Shore Laboratories Corporation are thoroughly field tested prior to marketing. The original Safety Seal® Tire Repair Kit was tested for three years before the first kit was sold. To give Safety Seal® a positive and new identity it was purposely made to look different from any other tire repair of a competitive nature. We believe that we have more patents and contributed more to the tire repair industry than all our competitors combined.

North Shore Laboratories Corporation does not rest on its accomplishments. We continue to research new ideas and improve our products. The Safety Seal® product presently used is over 300% stronger than the original product. Every product is tested on a daily basis to ensure optimum quality as we strive for perfection. We have recently developed what we consider to be the tire repair of the 21st century, Safety Seal +Plus®+ The Liquid Patch®.

The President of North Shore Laboratories Corporation, Robert Niconchuk, continued in the footsteps of his father and founder Alec W. Niconchuk through 2019.

In 2020, Tom Bolgrean, President of Branick Industries, and his wife Tiffany launched North Shore Holdings, LLC and acquired Safety Seal.

Tom has been at Branick since 1992 and was instrumental in the design and development of many of the automotive tools and equipment that Branick manufactures.

Tiffany has been a sales executive in the technology sector for the past 20 years.

Together, they understand the rich heritage of family owned businesses and are dedicated to continuing that with Safety Seal.